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Lg therma v r32 monobloc

The LG Therma V Monobloc unit operates on the low (global warming potential) GWP R32 refrigerant. Combined with LG ’s Inverter Scroll Technology the Monobloc provides excellent energy efficiency along with optimal components such as the A class water pump, the heat exchanger expansion vessel, strainer and fan motor, all contained within..

The latest version of the Therma V Monobloc features the highly efficient R32 refrigerant that offers unparalleled performance. It also features a plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and a Grundfos water pump. The new unit has a higher capacity due to the choice of refrigerant along with a lower GWP, when compared to R410a.. The LG THERMA V R32 Monobloc is an all-in-one heating solution designed to offer energy efficiency, convenience, and easy controls by applying advanced technologies. As it applies R32 refrigerant and LG R1 compressor to help it provide the powerful and high efficient heating.. The latest addition to LG 's THERMA range is the Monobloc R32 which. LG THERMA V HM091MR.U44 MONOBLOC Heat pump 9kW. Reference 165614. 1 Reviews. BGN8,480.78. Tax included . BGN7,067.32 tax excl. Add to wishlist . Add to compare - 3 years warranty; ... R32 Noise level 60 dB(A) Weight 90.80 kg. Dimensions 1239 / 834 / 330 mm. Warranty 3 years. 1 Reviews.

LG Therma V Monobloc HM051M.U43, Клас A+++ - Като решение „всичко в едно, външното тяло на THERMA V Моноблок се състои от 4 основни компонента. ... THERMA V R32 Monobloc осигурява надеждно и мощно отопление. Той може да.

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THERMA V Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump R32. The latest addition to LG's THERMA range is the Monobloc R32 which uses a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. R32 has a Global Warming Potential of 675 which is 70% lower than that of R410A which is used in many other air source heat pumps. This model is highly efficient with an ErP rating.. Lg therma v r32 monobloc 7kw. The LG Therma V 7KW Monobloc ATW Heat Pump LG-HM071M.U42 is designed for energy efficiency, comfort & ease of installation. LG’s inverter.

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Pronađite informacije o LG THERMA V Monobloc R32. Pronađite slike, recenzije i tehničke specifikacije za LG THERMA V Monobloc R32 THERMA V Monobloc R32. Da biste na pravi način doživeli naš veb-sajt LG.com, moraćete da koristite drugi pregledač ili da nadogradite na noviju verziju pregledača Internet Explorer (IE10 ili novija)..

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